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Grow your business with Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is a great way for businesses reach over 400 million potential customers all over the world. With little effort, you can easily share products or services via pictures. Instagram’s ad business is growing quickly, and many marketers have come to realize the power that Instagram has in moving and inspiring people.

If your organization is considering advertising through Instagram, here are a few tips to consider.

  • To start, keep in mind that in order to run ads on Instagram, you need to have a Facebook page. Then you can create your Instagram ads with the same tools you use to create ads in Facebook, such as Ad Creation, Power Editor and Facebook Ads API.

  • There are two different formats for you to choose: square or landscape. If you decide to use the square format, you can include the carousel format feature, which let your audience click the arrows on the left and right of the image to see more images.

  • Videos are another great way to create brand awareness in Instagram, and you will need to consider certain design recommendations and technical requirements when creating your video. Click here to view Instagram’s guidelines for video ads.

If you want to learn more about advertising in Instagram, you can visit Facebook for additional details, or contact us at Above Marketing.

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