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Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Hispanics

Social media targeting Hispanics in the US is no longer a marketing channel to ignore without affecting the bottom line of your company. Today, there are over 39 million Hispanics online.

It is true that managing your social media campaign is time consuming, particularly with the amount of social media platforms present in the web, but it is important that companies increase their marketing budgets to incorporate digital ad spending.

To start, you need to know where exactly Hispanics are online. Lets look at some numbers:

73% of online Hispanics use Facebook

34% of online Hispanics use Instagram

25% of online Hispanics use Twitter

21% of online Hispanics use Pinterest

18% of online Hispanics use LinkedIn

Reports show Hispanics in the United States are 30% more likely to purchase a products advertised on a social site. Keep in mind that the best way to sell on social media is not really selling anything. Just get engaged socially with your target. People are there to be informed, be entertained, and educated, not to feel like a product or service is being sold to them.

Then, you need to work on a social media strategy that really works.

  • Define the audience, and what platforms they use. Are their bilingual, Latina Moms? Do they live in the East or West coast?

  • Define what content and format you are going to use (blogs, social influencers, videos, pictures, etc.). The right content depends on your network. In this case, the content needs to be culturally relevant that represent specific interests of your consumers.

  • Make sure you have as many followers as possible. The best way to start getting followers is you following your target audience.

  • Maximize traffic.

  • Most importantly, track your results and adjust your strategy as necessary.

Creating a social media strategy and campaign is not that easy. You need to take the time to learn how to do it.

Social media traffic is going to continue to grow, if you have not started yet, now is the time to begin!

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