¡La Esquina de la Gramática! Rule 23

What about homonyms?

Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and sound, but have different meanings. Some of these words in Spanish are:

Alce: From the verb Alzar or a moose

Capital: Capital City or share capital

Evita: From the verb Evitar or a female name

Lengua: Tongue or language

Vela: From the verb Velar or a candle

Cojo: From the verb Coger or a lame person

Traje: From the verb Traer or a suit

Leo: From the verb Leer or the zodiac sign Leo

Sobre: Envelope or above

Banco: Bench or bank

Gato: Cat or a jack

Masa: Multitude or dough

Muñeca: Doll or wrist

Estación: Season or station

Casa: From the verb Casar or a home

Source http://www.banrepcultural.org