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¡La Esquina de la Gramática! Rule 27

Note: !La Esquina de la Gramática! is now a biweekly publication.

Anglicisms at airports

If you have traveled lately to or from an airport at a Spanish speaking country, you might have noticed the use of English words mixed with Spanish words (called Anglicisms), but using those anglicisms are not really necessary as most of them have a corresponding word in Spanish. Here are some examples:

Body Scan- Escáner corporal

Check In- Facturación

Duty Free- Libre de impuestos

Fastline- Fila rápida

Handling- Asistencia en tierra

Hub- Centro de operaciones

Jet-lag- Desfase horario

Layover/stopover- Escala

Low cost- Bajo coste o bajo costo

Overbooking- Sobreventa

Shuttle bus- Autobús de enlace

Have you seen more? Please share them here!

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