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¡La Esquina de la Gramática! Rule 32

Important food and beverage words for the holidays

The holidays are around the corner, and we are going to find many people and places talking about food and drinks. Some of them have the tendency to use American words when speaking in Spanish, but that is not necessary because those words already have their corresponding word in Spanish. Here are some examples:

bacon: bacón, beicon

baguette: baguete

beefsteak: bistec, bife

bowl: bol

buffet: bufé

burger: hamburguesa

cake: bizcocho

cocktail: coctel/cóctel

couscous: cuscús

craft beer: cerveza artesanal

crêpe: crep, crepa

fast food: comida rápida

fingers (de pollo): tiras (de pollo)

finger food: comida para picar, picoteo

flake: copo

foodie: comidista

foodtruck: gastroneta

green: verde

grill: parrilla, gratinador

healthy: saludable

hot dog: perrito (caliente), pancho, jocho

muffin: magdalena (grande)

pancake: panqueque, tortita

pop corn: palomitas de maíz, cotufas, rosetas (y otras)

raw: crudo

roast beef: rosbif

shaker: coctelera

showcooking: demostración culinaria

street food: comida callejera

sommelier: sumiller

topping: ingrediente (adicional), extra, cobertura


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