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¡La Esquina de la Gramática! Rule 24

And what about homophones?

Last week we talked about homonymous in Spanish, but now lets talk about homophones.

A homophone is a word that is pronounce the same as another word, but differs in spelling and meaning. Some of these words in Spanish are:

Cabo: End piece

Cavo: From the verb Excavar

Grabe: From the verb Grabar

Grave: Serious

Sabia: Wise

Savia: Sap

Vidente: With sight or clairboyant

Bidente: It has two teeth

Consejo: Advise

Concejo: Council

Sumo: Supreme

Zumo: Juice

Hojear: Leaf through

Ojear: To take a look

Aprehender: To apprehend

Aprender: To learn

Hasta: A preposition in Spanish

Asta: Flagpole

Ay: An exclamation that express ache/surprise

Hay: From the verb Haber

Tasa: Rate/value

Taza: Cup/mug


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