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Above Marketing is a full service communications company specialized in commercial and social marketing, as well as outreach to multicultural audiences.

We provide services in a variety of areas such as creating communication and marketing plans, establishing media relations, translations and cultural adaptations, graphic design, web design, social marketing, and community outreach.

What makes Above Marketing different from other companies is that we know how to target multicultural audiences efficiently. We start the process of reaching audiences understanding them and being aware of their culture, language and traditions. We understand the culture, language, and motivations of your target audience required to create effective communications plans and messages.

Our team of multicultural professionals is experienced in a variety of diverse marketing areas and has the capability to understand your specific business needs.

The US population continues to become more diverse every year, which emphasizes the need to effectively approach your target audience.

In today’s rapidly changing environment we are greatly aware of the significant opportunity that varying demographic groups present, as they represent the combined buying power of $1.3 trillion. As marketers, we know the focus needs to be on multicultural marketing efforts.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to develop, improve the performance of and properly implement marketing efforts targeting a variety of consumers, especially Hispanic consumers.


The US population continues to become more diverse every year and it is important to approach each of those groups in their native language, specially the less acculturated individuals.


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If you are thinking about implementing a social media program for your company, we can provide the support you need from creating a strategy, implementing and monitoring all the platforms on regular basis

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